Apple Inviting All Developers to Submit Apple Watch Apps

Apple Inviting All Developers to Submit Apple Watch Apps

Apple is now inviting all developers to submit Apple Watch apps to the App Store. The company began sending emails to registered developers on Tuesday.


It’s time. Apple Watch will be in the hands of customers on April 24. Get your WatchKit apps ready and submit them for review now.

Once your WatchKit app is approved and released by Apple, your existing iPhone users will receive the app update and customers will see your WatchKit extension icon and description on the App Store. A small group of people who currently have an Apple Watch will be able to use your WatchKit app before April 24, so make sure your back end systems are ready. If you prefer your WatchKit app to be available only after Apple Watch is available to all customers, set your release date to “manual” and update it on April 24.

Read Preparing Your App Submission for Apple Watch to learn more.

Apple has been slowly adding Apple Watch-enabled apps to the App Store over the last week or so, mostly from select Apple partners.

Apple Watch apps come bundled as an extension in normal iOS apps. Customers will see a steady stream of updated iOS apps offering Watch support leading up to the April 24 release of the Watch.

Currently Apple Watch apps require a linked iPhone to host the app and do the heavy lifting, while the Watch displays notifications, glances, (think widgets), and WatchKit apps. A native SDK, likely to allow more involved Watch apps, is expected later this year.