Apple TV Shipping Times Slip Ahead of WWDC 2015

Apple TV Shipping Times Slip Ahead of WWDC 2015

The shipping estimate for the Apple TV has slipped to 1-2 weeks in the U.S. Apple Store, with a little less than six weeks remaining before Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2015, beginning on June 8, where Apple is expected to introduce a new model of the venerable set-top box.

Apple TV Shipping Times Slip Ahead of WWDC 2015


The shipping times initially slipped to 1-2 weeks on the Apple Online Store on late Wednesday before the set-top box returned to in stock on Thursday, only to slip to 1-2 weeks again hours later.

While the slipping of the shipping estimates could simply be congestion within the company’s supply chain or delivery channels, many believe WWDC 2015 is where Apple will announce the long-awaited update to the admittedly long in the tooth set-top streaming box.

Rumors continue to circulate about the new box, with most saying it will feature Apple’s latest A8 processor, along with a notable increase in the current amount of onboard storage. Apple is also expected to provide an App Store, and Siri-based control for the new box.

Lending credence to the rumors of a new box, the Apple TV was discounted to $69 back in March. That could be an indication Apple wants to blow out the old stock of the Apple TV before announcing the new model.

(Immediately after we pressed the publish button on this post, the Apple TV is now again showing “In Stock.” However, we didn’t want that to get in the way of a good rumor, so… We’ll keep our eye on the supply… – Ed.)