Apple Watch Pre-Orders Are Showing Up on eBay

Apple Watch Pre-Orders Are Showing Up on eBay

Just as April showers bring May flowers, the release of an Apple product is usually followed by seeing it marked up for some obscene amount on eBay, and Apple Watch pre-orders are no exception.

Apple Watch Pre-Orders Going for up to $2,000 on eBay

MacRumors found prices ranging from the expected $1000 range to over $2000 for the more popular models of the Watch on Friday, and a cursory glance now show prices from a high Buy it Now price of $13,199.00 for a rose gold Edition, down to a Buy It Now low of $498 for an Apple Watch 38mm White Sport. These are both for a “confirmed” pre-order.

Searching is a bit cluttered, as sellers looking to unload other watches and such are including “Apple Watch” in their search bait keywords, so have fun browsing. Personally, we’ll just wait until the hullabaloo is over in a few months, and grab one then.

MacRumors has more information about the price ranges and such.