AppleCare+ and Out-of-Warranty Costs for Apple Watch

AppleCare+ and Out-of-Warranty Costs for Apple Watch

Apple began accepting pre-orders for the Apple Watch at 12:01AM Pacific time on Friday, and in addition, also disclosed the pricing for AppleCare+ and repair fees for out of warranty Watches.

AppleCare+ and Out-of-Warranty Costs for Apple Watch

AppleCare+ for Apple watch plans are $49, $59, and $1,500 for the Sport, Watch, and Edition models respectively. Accidental damage will run an extra $69 for the Sport, $79 for the Watch, and $1,000 for the Edition.

The company is also offering combo plans that cover both an Apple Watch and an iPhone for a price of $149 (Apple Watch Sport and iPhone), $169 (Apple Watch and iPhone) and $1,600 (Apple Watch Edition and iPhone).

While the combo plans actually cost $1 more than if AppleCare+ was purchased separately for an Apple Watch and iPhone, they do offer the side benefit of allowing you to get AppleCare+ for an iPhone that is undamaged and up to six months old. AppleCare+ for the iPhone normally requires purchase within 60 days of the purchase of an iPhone, You’ll have up to 60 days to add your iPhone to the combo plan after purchasing the plan.

AppleCare+ extends the Sport and Watch model warranty coverage to two years from date of purchase, and extends the Edition’s coverage to three years. Accidental damage coverage is allowed for up to two incidents.

Out of warranty repair costs will run $229, $329 and $2,800 for the Sport, Watch and Edition models respectively for repairs not covered by Apple’s limited one-year warranty or AppleCare+ extended coverage plans. Battery service for all models of the Apple Watch will run $79, plus a $6.95 shipping charge if shipping is required.