Apple Adds Porsche, New Countries to CarPlay Rolls

Apple Adds Porsche, New Countries to CarPlay Rolls

Apple has added Porsche to the list of car companies that are promising support for CarPlay, the iPhone-based infotainment center. The company also added a number of countries to its list of nations where CarPlay is available.

CarPlay Adds Porsche, New Countries to CarPlay Rolls

AppleInsider notes that Porsche is the latest brand to commit to the system, following Apple CEO Tim Cook’s comments last month that all major car manufacturers are planning to include CarPlay capabilities in models rolling out this year.

Porsche parent Volkswagen Group is offering CarPlay support across its lines, including Audi, SEAT, Skoda, Suzuki and Volkswagen.

Meanwhile, MacRumors reports that Apple has added a number of new countries to its list of countries where the infotainment option is available.

CarPlay can now be used in five additional countries: Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, and Sweden. The system is now available in a total of 25 countries around the world.

April has proved to be a fruitful month for Apple, as April 8 saw CarPlay support added for Brazil, China, India, Thailand, and Turkey.

Apple’s iPhone-based infotainment system has been slow to get out of the gate, due to the sheer number of car companies that Apple must negotiate with for support. So far, CarPlay has made the greatest strides in the aftermarket in-dash arena, with such companies as Alpine and Pioneer offering support. However, several car companies have pledged to offer support in their vehicles in the coming model years.