How To: Take a Screenshot on Your Apple Watch

How To: Take a Screenshot on Your Apple Watch

Taking screenshots on your Apple Watch is vital, especially if you rack up a big score on one of the new Apple Watch-compatible games. Here’s how to do it.

How To: Take a Screenshot on Your Apple Watch
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Capturing a Screenshot on the Apple Watch

While on the screen you wish to capture, do the following:

  • Press the Digital Crown and the Side Button at the same time.
  • Watch for the screen flash.

WHEW! Did you get all that? It make take a few tries to get both buttons pushed at the same time, similar to the first time you pressed the Power Button and the Home Button at the same time on your iPhone, but you should get the hang of it fairly quickly.

Now that you’ve taken the screenshot, you can find it on both your Watch, and the iPhone you have it paired with.

To find the screenshot, just go into the Photos app on your iPhone and tap on the Photos tab. (Bottom-left corner.) You’ll find the screenshot as your most recent photo, down at the bottom of the screen.

Apple screenshots are small – 216×290 for the 42mm – so they don’t take up much storage space, and they transfer quickly, so you can quickly share them just like any photo.

Thanks to Rene Ritchie of iMore for the original tip. iMore has some great how-to tips, be sure to check out their website.

Rene shows how to take a screenshot in the quick video below: