MacTrast’s Ian Fuchs Shares His Apple Watch Try-On Experience

MacTrast’s Ian Fuchs Shares His Apple Watch Try-On Experience

MacTrast’s own Ian Fuchs visited his local Apple Store today, somewhere in the wilds of the Chicago area, and checked out the Apple Watch. Ian pre-ordered a Watch early this morning, but spent his lunch hour in a try-on session at the Oakbrook Center Apple Store. He was kind enough to share some photos and video, and give us his impressions of the Apple Watch.

MacTrast's Ian Fuchs Shares His Apple Watch Try-On Experience
Pretty Little Maids All in a Row…

“The Apple Watch appointment was super convenient, and made the whole experience much smoother. I showed up and was greeted right away, and then taken to a corner of the Watch table and immediately asked what I was ‘planning to order.’ I informed the nice young woman, Gretchen, that I had preordered the 42mm Sport, but was interested in seeing the 38mm model, as well.”

Apple Watch Try On Appointments Begin Today, and We Have Photos
Ian shows off his guns, and the 42mm Space Black Sport Watch

“I was able to try on the Space Gray/Black Sport in 42mm. Gretchen helped me put on the watch, explaining how the sports band nicely tucks away under the strap to make it more discreet, and then joked about how awkward it had been to touch peoples arms all morning… gross, right?

“She then showed me the 38mm Sport with the white strap – this is the color I’m expecting to arrive on the 24th – good call, Ian. Gretchen let me put the watch on without assistance this time, and I had no issues getting it on. I was amazed at how much smaller the 38mm felt. For most men, the 42 is definitely the correct size. For women, it’ll be up to you how big you want your watch to be (dudes, if you want a small watch, the 38 mm is great and very comfortable, just small compared to most mens watches).”

MacTrast's Ian Fuchs Shares His Apple Watch Try-On Experience

“After trying both on, I took a look at the Leather loop, since I’m convinced it will look decent with the Sport (in any of the leather loop colors) to class it up. I was surprised at how light it felt, how soft it was, yet how durable it was.  I’m definitely picking up one of the leather loops when they have them in store. (Mentally adds to Christmas list).”

Apple Watch Try On Appointments Begin Today, and We Have Photos
This shot will help Pebble users get an idea of the size of the 42 mm Watch.
Everyone else will still have no idea…

“After seeing the various options, Gretchen had me test out the physical interface on one of the desktop-mounted devices. We walked through Force Touch and changing watch faces (VIDEO BELOW!!!!), and then explained the different digital touch options (doodling, taps, and heartbeat), all of which seemed quite responsive – I might actually use the doodle thing on occasion!”

“All in all, I thought the Watches felt great, were very nicely built, and extremely comfortable. If there was any doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t love the device (there wasn’t), this just put everything at ease. Bring on April 24, Mr. FedEx Man!” –Ian Fuchs.

There you have it. Think Ian is excited?

If you’ve tried out the Apple Watch at your local store, let us know about your experience. Tell us all about it in the comments section below, or drop us a line at:

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    Will the orders arrive by april 24th? because i got a 24/4-8/5 delivery estimate, i hope they arrive by launch date!

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