NextWorth Begins Accepting Smartwatch Trade-Ins

NextWorth Begins Accepting Smartwatch Trade-Ins

NextWorth Solutions, well-know online and in-store trade-in specialist, has added a new category to their electronics trade-in service. NextWorth will now accept used smartwatch trade-ins, and will pay cash or gift cards for their value.

NextWorth begins Accepting Smartwatch Trade-Ins

Smartwatches to be accepted include: Samsung Gear 2, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Sony Smartwatch, Pebble and Motorola Moto 360. Customers can get up to $126 on, depending on the model and condition.

“With preorders now open for the Apple Watch, we expect smartwatch early adopters to begin trading in current models like Pebble, Moto 360, Samsung Gear and Sony SmartWatch,” said Jeff Trachsel, NextWorth’s CMO. “We continuously monitor the market for the best pricing and categories for our customers, keeping our program up to date with market trends and offering the best value, and smartwatches are the next generation.”

NextWorth won’t be accepting Apple Watch trade-ins as yet, which makes sense because the new wearables aren’t on the wrists of users yet, but plans to at a later date, likely hitting its stride when the second-generation Apple Watch is announced.

“We have every reason to believe the Apple Watch will follow the same depreciation curve as other Apple products, as they tend to behave very consistently. That said, we do not anticipate there will be significant trade-in volume out of the gate. Apple has a very loyal fan base who will likely not be willing to sell their Watches until the second generation launches,” said Trachsel.

NextWorth also recently began accepting action cameras for trade-in, including the GoPro Hero, Hero3 and 3+, Hero4, and HD Hero2 (Outdoor, Motorsports, Naked, Helmet and Surf Camera editions).

Of course, NextWorth will still accept trade-ins of smartphones, tablets, computers, video game consoles and more. For more information, and to get the trade-in value for your devices, visit the NextWorth Website.