Some Users Report Touch ID Not Working in App Store in iOS 8.3

Some Users Report Touch ID Not Working in App Store in iOS 8.3

A number of users report that under iOS 8.3, Touch ID does not work for them in the App Store when making purchases. Instead, users are asked to enter their password for purchases.

Some Users Report Touch ID Not Working in App Store in iOS 8.3


Following the release of iOS 8.3 for iPhone and iPad on Wednesday, many users have turned to the Apple Support Communities, Reddit and MacRumors discussion forums about Touch ID not working in the App Store on the latest software version. The issue affects multiple iPhone and iPad models, including the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2, although the bug does not appear to affect all users.

“I just updated to iOS 8.3 and it completely removed my ability to use Touch ID in the App Store on my iPhone 6,” a Reddit post reads. “It asks for my password for each and every purchase. Is anyone else seeing this? The option to use Touch ID in the App Store is on. I have already tried turning it off and on again to re-enter my password.”

Other users report the same issue when attempting to purchase content from the iTunes store on their Touch ID-enabled device.

I have personally been asked for the password multiple times when purchasing an app from the App Store on my iPhone 6 Plus. When using Touch ID for unlocking my iPhone or for Apple Pay, it works as it should.

While it is normal for the App Store to request a password following a reboot of the device, such as when you update to a new iOS version, it normally reverts to allowing Touch ID for any later purchases.

The bug isn’t preventing anyone from purchasing anything in the App Store or in iTunes, it simply requires you to enter your account password before completing a purchase. As such, this could be considered a minor issue, but an issue nonetheless. Apple has yet to provide comment on the matter.

What about you? Have you experienced this? Have you found a fix? If so, please let us know in the comments section below.