T-Mobile Announces ‘Pets Unleashed’ $5 Per Month Plan

T-Mobile Announces ‘Pets Unleashed’ $5 Per Month Plan

T-Mobile, who has been shaking up the wireless industry with their radical new plans for both consumers and businesses is now tapping an as yet underserved sector of wireless customers – your pets. Introducing the Pets Unleashed plan.

T-Mobile Announces 'Pets Unleashed' $5 Per Month Plan

We’re fed up with AT&T’s and Verizon’s human-only approach to wireless. That’s why we’re introducing Pets Unleashed – a new family plan that includes ALL family members, even if they lack opposable thumbs. That’s right, for $5 a month, we’ll add your cat, dog, guinea pig, turtle, alpaca, and any other four-legged furry friend (no spiders, though…Ewww!). Not only will they enjoy our blazing fast 4G LTE DataStrong Network, they’ll have access to unique offerings and apps like Fetch Freedom, Pet Translator and SnapCat. This is what the Un-carrier does. We find pain points, and we fix them. Your pets are already part of your family. They should be part of your family plan, too.

For more information, visit T-mobile’s Pets Unleashed website for more information.

As you can tell, T-Mobile is having a little April Fool’s Day fun. But the carrier is also making the fun mean something, as they are making a $1 donation for every visitor to their Pets Unleashed site to the Humane Society, up to $10,000. Very cool.