Will the Apple Watch Blend? Why Yes, Yes it Will!

Will the Apple Watch Blend? Why Yes, Yes it Will!

Sure, the Apple Watch is a cool device, and it will stand up to most kitchen hazards, but the real test is, “Will It Blend?” Why yes it will!



Blendtec and Tom Dickson have returned with the latest edition of their “Will It Blend” experiment, this time putting the Apple Watch in a blender to see how well it survives. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t. Just like with every iPhone put through the blender treatment, the Apple Watch is quickly smashed and destroyed into tiny bits and pieces of metal.

Last week, CNet put the Apple Watch through a kitchen hazards-based torture test. CNet subjected the Watch to 10 minutes under water, boiled it, grated it, attempted to scratch it with a knife, (amazingly enough, NOT cutting the reporter’s hand or wrist in the process), spilled a number of condiments on it, dropped it on the floor, stepped on it, and and finally, smashed it with that popular kitchen stand-by, the iron skillet. The Watch stood up to everything except the skillet.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t try this at home. Even if you do have a really powerful blender handy. If you just can’t resist blending a watch, send your Apple Watch to MacTrast, we promise that in return, we’ll send you a really shiny Timex watch that’ll likely blend just as well…