Apple Launches ‘Everything Changes With iPad’ Mini Site

Apple Launches ‘Everything Changes With iPad’ Mini Site

Apple on Wednesday launched a new iPad mini site, “Everything Changes With iPad.” The new campaign takes a look at how Apple’s tablet “can change the way you do things every day.”

Apple Launches 'Everything Changes With iPad' Mini Site


Realized as a colorful mini-site on, “Everything changes” serves as a portal to six categories — Cooking, Learning, Small Business, Traveling, Redecorating and a catchall “Why iPad” section — featuring third-party apps, and sometimes accessories, handpicked to help users complete a variety of tasks.

The various categories include information to get new users started using their new device, or to attract new buyers. Apple’s photos show users interacting with the tablet, using it in various situations.

Each category spotlights numerous third-party iPad apps, as well as supplying examples of how Apple’s own apps, services and accessories add to the iPad ecosystem. All categories end with a link to a Change Everything section in the App Store, where users can download the apps shown throughout the mini site.

The new site is a part of Apple’s effort to raise flagging iPad sales. While still a leader in the tablet market, iPad sales continue to slip. In the second fiscal quarter of 2015 Apple sold 12.6 million iPads, down 23 percent from the same quarter one year ago.