Apple Now Allows 50,000 Contacts Stored in iCloud

Apple Now Allows 50,000 Contacts Stored in iCloud

If you know 24,999 people, and you’ve been worry about meeting a new friend because Apple has limited the number of contacts stored in iCloud to 25,000, feel free to mingle. The company has raised the limit to 50,000. Now start shaking hands.



Apple has updated a support document on its website to reflect that iCloud now has a limit of 50,000 contacts, double the previous limit of 25,000 contacts (via iPhone, iPad and Mac users can now store up to 50,000 contacts between their iCloud-enabled devices, while all other limits for calendars, reminders and bookmarks have not been changed.

Here are the official numbers:


  • Total number of contact cards: 50,000
  • Maximum size of a contact card: 256 KB
  • Maximum size of a contact photo: 224 KB
  • Maximum size of a contact group: 256 KB
  • Maximum size of all contact cards:
  • Card text: 24 MB
  • Card photos: 100 MB
  • Supported file types for a contact photo: JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF
  • vCard import limits:
  • Total number of vCards: 50,000
  • Maximum size of a vCard: 256 KB (photo + text)
  • Maximum photo size for a vCard: 224 KB

The support document also list the iCloud limits for Calendars, Reminders, and Bookmarks. I myself haven’t had any concerns about bumping up against any of these limits. (He has no friends – Ed.) However, I imagine many readers are breathing a bit easier now that the limits have been bumped up.


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