FiftyThree’s iPad App ‘Paper’ Gets Down to Business

FiftyThree’s iPad App ‘Paper’ Gets Down to Business

While FiftyThree’s iPad drawing app, “Paper,” has always been a go-to tool for creatives, such as artists and illustrators, the company has now made a move into the business presentations arena.

FiftyThree's iPad App 'Paper' Gets Down to Business


The latest version adds a Diagram tool that lets you create objects like shapes, arrows and lines, which the app keeps neat and tidy while retaining the hand-drawn look.

The Diagram tool can turn roughly drawn shapes into neater versions of themselves, and the shapes can be moved around and duplicated. Smart Fill allows adding colors to your shapes, while keeping the color constrained to a particular shape.

“Think Kit is here! Now Paper gives you the power to create diagrams, charts, and wireframes at the speed of thought. Think Kit adds three new tools—Diagram, Cut, and Fill. Powered by the Intention Engine™, Think Kit helps you quickly create powerful, personable graphics to express any idea, and continue seamlessly into your favorite presentation app.”

The diagrams created in Paper can be exported, both as individual slides and entire workbooks, to PowerPoint or Keynote.

If you’re an existing user of Paper and have automatic app updates turned on, you should see it automatically updated on your iPad. New users can download Paper for the iPad in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]