Inspection of Apple Watch ‘S1’ Chip Reveals Over 30 Components

Inspection of Apple Watch ‘S1’ Chip Reveals Over 30 Components

Chipworks took a close look at the S1 system-in-package used to power the Apple Watch, and found a large number of components packed into a very tiny 26 mm x 28 mm space. The S1 is composed of components from Samsung, Broadcom, Skyworks, NXP, and others.

Inspection of Apple Watch 'S1' Chip Reveals 30 Components

The Apple designed APL0778 chip – the main component of the system, was fabricated on Samsung’s 28-nanometer low power process. The 5.2 mm by 6.2 mm processor is the largest component in the S1.

Longtime Apple supplier Cirrus is nowhere to be seen in the Watch, having been bumped by audio codec and amplifier silicon supplied by Maxim. NXP is responsible for the NFC controller and the secure element, while AMS supplies the NFC signal booster.

Battery management components were made by Texas Instruments, while the Watch’s accelerometer and gyroscope, as well as the encoder for the Digital Crown were all manufactured by STMicroelectronics.

Rounding out the components, are the Broadcom BCM4334 – also found in other Apple devices, including the iPhone 5 – which provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communications, plus a Skyworks Wi-Fi switch and low-noise amplifier.

(Via AppleInsider)