Microsoft’s Cortana is Coming to iOS and Android

Microsoft’s Cortana is Coming to iOS and Android

It looks as if Siri and Google Now will have to clean out closet space for a new roommate later this year, as Microsoft will be making its virtual personal Assistant Cortana available on iOS and Android devices later this year.

Microsoft's Cortana is Coming to iOS and Android


In a blog post published Tuesday, Joe Belfiore, head of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group, announced the upcoming launch of a Cortana app for Android phones and iPhones that will work as a companion to Cortana on your Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft’s new companion app will allow users to access Cotrana on thier iOS or Android devices. This is all a part of Microsoft’s goal to connect your Windows 10 PC to whichever smartphone you own.

Cortana for iOS and Android will be limited at first, with no way to use the assistant to open apps or changes settings. Also, the “Hey Cortana!” hands-free feature will be limited to the Windows Phone and Windows 10 versions for now. Cortana on iOS and Android will support notifications, so it will be able to remind you of appointments, and dates and such.

Cortana will come to the Android platform by the end of June, while iPhone users will have to wait until “later this year.”