Hulu Plus to be Known as Just ‘Hulu’ – No ‘Plus’

Hulu Plus to be Known as Just ‘Hulu’ – No ‘Plus’

In what amounts to a curiosity more than anything, premium subscription streaming video service Hulu Plus will now be known as simply “Hulu.” The service began sending emails to its 9 million subscribers on Tuesday to announce the change.

Hulu Plus to be Known as Just 'Hulu' From Now On

We’ve had a blast with our old friend Plus but it’s time to move on.

We just wanted to let you know that we are retiring the Hulu Plus name. From now on, we will just be known as Hulu. No “Plus.”

Though the name is changing, your subscription is not. You’ll still be a subscriber with all the benefits that come with that. You can keep on watching your favorite shows on all your devices — without having to change a thing. Same great stuff. Slightly different name.

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Hulu’s subscription service currently has around 9 million subscribers, double what it had last year, so Hulu isn’t going anywhere. It’s just looking to streamline things a bit. Even if it may be at the expense of a few confused customers.

I just wish Hulu would learn the true meaning of the phrase, “With limited commercial interruptions.” And why am I watching commercials anyhow? I’m paying $8.00 a month, I shouldn’t see commercials…