MacTrast Deals: The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle

MacTrast Deals: The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle

It’s summertime and the Mac app buying is easy! Get 9 great Mac apps for the low, low price of $19.99 in the Summer Mac Essentials Bundle!

MacTrast Deals: The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle

The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle – Tune Up Your Mac with 9 Exciting Apps Guaranteed to Refresh Your Workflow – Just $19.99


Simple, Beautiful & Personal. A Fresh Take on Email.


Take a fresh look at email with Unibox, a beautiful new email client that organizes your inbox by person and enables you to concentrate on actual human communication, as nature intended.

“Unibox’s slick interface and contact-centric design make it the best client we tried.”AppleInsider

  • Group emails by person, with all emails & attachments in one place
  • Read & compose emails in a single window, similar to messaging apps
  • Visually browse all your attachments with the Attachment grid
  • Enjoy full IMAP compatibility, with a unified view across multiple accounts
  • Take advantage of full support for filters, aliases, signatures & threaded conversations


Perfect Your Photos by Effortlessly Removing Digital Noise


In low-light photo ops, every smartphone, compact camera and DSLR creates “noise,” or small color or light speckles that can ruin your otherwise great photos. Noiseless’s advanced technology cleans up this digital noise fast, while retaining sharp details, all with a single-click!

Top 10 Paid Mac App Store App (U.S. Store) since its release, with a 5-star user rating!

  • Uses revolutionary smart noise reduction technology w/ pixel-perfect detail recovery after noise reduction
  • Employs advanced technology specifically for iPhone & other smartphone photos
  • Supports JPG, PNG, TIFF & RAW formats
  • Includes one-click presets for quick & flawless results

The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle – Tune Up Your Mac with 9 Exciting Apps Guaranteed to Refresh Your Workflow – Just $19.99

Hider 2

Easily Hide & Encrypt Your Private Files


Hiding sensitive information from prying eyes on your computer is possible, but usually not easy. Hider makes it simple to keep your files locked up safely, but still easily accessible to you and only you. Just drag files into your password-protected vault and voilá—security at your fingertips!

“Securing your files isn’t always a simple process. Hider is an app that makes the process of hiding away and encrypting files quick and easy.” LifeHacker

  • Toggle between hidden & visible w/ just a click
  • Hide files to make them unsearchable w/ Finder & Spotlight
  • Secure your hidden data with AES-256 encryption
  • Quickly & easily navigate the beautiful user interface
  • Compose private & secure notes with Hider’s in-app notes

NoteBook 4

The Powerful & Versatile Note-Taking Solution


Revolutionize the way you take notes with this classic, highly-rated Mac app. NoteBook captures the perfect blend of the old school note-taking experience and innovative digital technology that will supercharge your productivity one note at a time!

“Circus Ponies has spent years crafting a rich, robust experience that’s among the most powerful I’ve ever used.” Macworld

  • Store your notes & info in documents that mimic paper notebooks
  • Place notes anywhere on a page & include attachments within text
  • Export to PDF or as a website, for access from a local disk or web server
  • Add a password to encrypt your content
  • Record & sync audio w/ your notes
  • Capture mind maps & non-linear information w/ diagramming tools
  • Track action items in your notes w/ checkboxes & due dates
  • Annotate w/ highlighting, stickers, sketches, sticky notes & keywords
  • Clip content from other apps directly into your NoteBooks without leaving the app you’re working in
  • Find anything in seconds w/ the Multidex search system

The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle – Tune Up Your Mac with 9 Exciting Apps Guaranteed to Refresh Your Workflow – Just $19.99

App Tamer 2

Optimize CPU Usage & Extend Your Mac’s Battery Life


Whether your Mac is old or new, open apps and browser tabs consume CPU, even when they’re in the background. App Tamer puts an end to this, pausing apps in the background so they stop sucking the life from your Mac, with no effort on your part required. More battery, more speed, more productivity—no effort.

“…unlike all of the halting utilities I’ve tried (or invented) before, App Tamer is pure gain with no pain.” Macworld

  • Instantly see which apps are using the most processing power
  • Reduce processor usage by automatically slowing down or stopping apps when they’re in the background
  • Decrease fan noise & maximize battery life
  • Choose which programs to stop & for how long
  • Easily manage pre-configured power-hungry applications like Chrome, Spotlight & Firefox

iStat Menus 5

Beautiful, Advanced System Monitor for Your Menu Bar


iStat Menus, the most detailed Mac system monitor available, places useful information about your Mac right in the menu bar. iStat Menus is to your Mac what a dashboard is to your car, plus it’s wrapped in a beautiful interface.

“…it’s one of my must-have apps.” MacStories

  • See real-time CPU, GPU, RAM, drive & network usage
  • View everything your Mac is doing—no more guessing if an app or file transfer is stuck
  • Monitor all of your Mac’s temperature sensors & fans
  • Get an advanced date, time & calendar for your menu bar w/ support for reminders, moon phase, and world clocks

The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle – Tune Up Your Mac with 9 Exciting Apps Guaranteed to Refresh Your Workflow – Just $19.99

Beamer 2

Stream Almost Anything to Your Apple TV


Don’t let Apple’s format restrictions hold you back from fully utilizing your Apple TV. Beamer lets you stream any kind of media (just like a regular desktop media player) from your Mac to your Apple TV. Simply open a movie file on your Mac and press play!

  • Open files & press play—no converting required
  • Play all common formats, codecs & resolutions: AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, WMV, FLV
  • Watch high-quality video w/ optimized playback (up to 1080p)
  • View w/ subtitles & 5.1 surround sound
  • Pause, fast-forward & rewind w/ the Apply TV remote


Quickly Search Your iMessages, Texts & Other Chats


If you use Messages, you probably know that searching past messages to find important info can be frustrating. Perhaps you couldn’t find what you were looking for, or your Mac slowed down so much that you gave up. Chatology lets you find exactly what you’re looking for without frustration.

  • Instantly find your chats from the services you use with Messages (like iMessage,AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), Google Talk, Yahoo, Jabber & Facebook)
  • Search within a specific date range
  • Filter chats to show just images or links shared

The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle – Tune Up Your Mac with 9 Exciting Apps Guaranteed to Refresh Your Workflow – Just $19.99

Jump Desktop

Remotely & Reliably Connect to Any Mac or PC


Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere with Jump Desktop, a remote desktop application that lets you securely connect to any computer in the world.

Mac App Store: 4.5 stars, 1750+ ratings (one of the top-rated & top-selling apps)

  • Automatically configure the PCs or Macs you wish to have remote access to without worrying about router settings
  • Simply visit and click the ’Automatic Setup’ link to easily get setup
  • Utilize the preconfigured support for RDP & VNC protocols
  • Enjoy full international keyboard support
  • Use Mac keyboard shortcuts w/ Windows & switch between computers without changing the way you use the keyboard

The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle – Tune Up Your Mac with 9 Exciting Apps Guaranteed to Refresh Your Workflow – Just $19.99