WWDC: 2015 Apple Design Awards Winners Announced

WWDC: 2015 Apple Design Awards Winners Announced

Apple announced the winners of their 2015 Apple Design Awards on Monday. The awards highlight a selection of iOS and Mac apps that combine design and technology in creative, compelling, and powerful ways.

2015 Apple Design Awards Winners Announced

This Year’s Winners Are:

iOS Apps

  • Shadowmatic – Shadowmatic is an ornately crafted and imaginative puzzle game in which abstract objects are rotated to find recognizable silhouettes in projected shadows.
  • Metamorphabet – Metamorphabet is an animated alphabet for all ages that brings letters alive with an incredibly playful and interactive learning experience designed for touch.
  • Robinhood – Available on iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch, Robinhood is a compelling stock trading app with an innovative approach to social investing, built for a new generation of investors.
  • Crossy Road – Crossy Road is an incredibly addictive, endless arcade hopper with countless surprises.
  • Workflow – Workflow is a powerful automation tool, available exclusively for iPhone and Apple Watch, that connect apps and actions together to automate things you do every day.
  • Does Not Commute – Does Not Commute is an addictive, strategic driving game for iOS with surprising depth, and great balance of story, characters, and action. Does Not Commute is a time traveller’s paradox where players race themselves and try to complete challenges by avoiding themselves, and mistakes send a ripple effect through the game.
  • Vainglory – Vainglory is an intense, real-time mobile multiplayer online battle arena, perfected for touch on iPad and iPhone.
  • Pacemaker – Pacemaker is a well-executed personal music mixing app. Designed for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, Pacemaker has a creative, minimalist visual design style optimized for each device type, compelling color scheme, and realistic, charming animations that are evocative of the selected mix effect.

Mac Apps

  • Fantastical 2 – Fantastical 2 is a meticulously designed, full-featured calendaring app designed exclusively for OS X Yosemite. It wins an Apple Design Award for its clean design, rich functionality, speed, responsiveness, support for popular localizations, and deep integration with OS X.
  • Affinity Designer – Affinity Designer is a smooth, precise, high-performance graphics design app for creative professionals that’s available on the Mac. Although primarily a vector design app, Affinity Designer also has the ability to edit pixel-based images.

Student Winners

  • Jump-O (iOS) – jump-O is a fun, hand-drawn, minimalist puzzle game, exclusive to iPhone and iPad. It was developed by Gabriel Mathias Rocha and Victor Lappas Giménez who both learned to program on iOS while they were students at the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná.
  • Elementary Minute (iOS) – Elementary Minute is a simple, fast-paced quiz game designed and developed for iPhone and Apple Watch. Elementary Minute has a clean, legible, and consistent design with a very simple game play in which swiping up or down indicates if an answer is correct or incorrect.

All of the above apps are available in the iOS App Store and Mac App Store.