Angry Birds 2 to Nest in App Store July 30th

Angry Birds 2 to Nest in App Store July 30th

it was December 2009 when a small games studio named Rovio released a flock of Angry Birds into the mobile gaming skies, and now, after numerous spin-offs, toy and video tie-ins, Rovio is finally releasing the official sequel, “Angry Birds 2.” (You know it’s an official sequel, because it contains the number “2” in the title.)

Angry Birds 2 to Nest in App Store July 30th


With 3 billion game downloads, millions of fans across the globe, multiple mashups and spin-offs, collaborations with A-list celebrities and much more, we’re really proud that Angry Birds is the mother of all mobile game apps. And now we’re proud to announce the mother of all sequels – Angry Birds 2!

Rovio hasn’t supplied much information about the game as yet, but they suggest players follow the usual suspects, all of Rovio’s social networking accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and YouTube, for more information in the coming weeks. You can also sign up at the Angry Birds 2 website to receive more information via email.

Angry Birds 2 is scheduled to land in the App Store on July 30th.

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