Foxconn Document Leaked: Indicates ‘iPhone 6s’ With 12MP Camera, 2GB RAM

Foxconn Document Leaked: Indicates ‘iPhone 6s’ With 12MP Camera, 2GB RAM

A document has been leaked which appears to include a Foxconn manufacturing schematic that indicates Apple’s next-generation iPhone will feature a 12-megapixel rear camera, and 2 gigabytes of RAM.

Foxconn Document Leaked: Indicates 'iPhone 6s' With 12MP Camera, 2GB RAM


The document was initially posted on Chinese site Weibo by someone claiming to be a Foxconn worker, but that post has since been deleted, Phone Arenasaid on Thursday. Images from it are now circulating the Web, and reportedly cite an N66 model number for the iPhone 6s, and N71 for the 6s Plus.

The document indicates that both the “iPhone 6s” and the iPhone 6s Plus” will boast 12-megapixel shooters, capable of 4K video and/or 240 frames-per-second slow-motion video. The current handsets support 1080p resolution, and 240 fps video. The document also indicates a 5-megapixel shooter will be riding on the front face of the devices, a nice jump up from┬áthe current 1.2-megapixel camera sitting there now.

While the leak is a bit questionable, Foxconn workers have been known to leak information in the past, and the information does jibe with the current rumors flying around on the web. But, as always, take this news with a grain of salt – but keep an eye on your sodium intake – as it’s still along time until September.