How To: Set Your iPhone to Default to Speakerphone for Calls

How To: Set Your iPhone to Default to Speakerphone for Calls

Many iPhone users have a Bluetooth earpiece, or Bluetooth built-into their vehicles. But those unlucky users who don’t have either, can still use their iPhone’s speakerphone function for hands-free usage. Plus, you can make your iPhone default to use the speaker when you answer or make a call. Here’s how.


First: Be Sure to Observe Common Courtesy

When answering calls with the speakerphone set as default, make sure you show common courtesy to the folks around you. Only use the speakerphone option when you’re alone in your home, vehicle, or office. If you are in an open office area, a waiting room, coffeeshop, or other public space, set your iPhone to default to the normal handset function, or to connect to a Bluetooth earpiece.

Enabling Speakerphone Mode as Default for Calls

1.) Tap the “Settings” icon on your iPhone’s Home screen and then tap “General” -> “Accessibility.”

2.) Look for  the menu selection labeled “Call Audio Routing.” Tap that option.

3.) In the Call Audio Routing menu, the setting defaults to “Automatic.”  Below that, you’ll see the “Speaker” menu option. Tap that. This will set your iPhone to default to the speakerphone when you place or receive a phone call.

4.) Return to the Home screen by pressing your iPhone’s Home button.

Making and Receiving Calls

Now, whenever you place or receive a phone call, your iPhone will automatically default to using its speaker to conduct your call.

Note: The speaker will also be set to be the default for FaceTime Audio calls. You can deactivate the speakerphone function at any time by tapping the Speaker icon on the call screen.

When common courtesy dictates, always use your iPhone in normal mode, or conduct your calls via a bluetooth headset, or even your included EarPods when making a call. However, when you’re in the car or another situation where you need hands-free capabilities and no Bluetooth is available, this is a handy option.