How To: Stop Apple Music From Eating Up All Your Cellular Data

How To: Stop Apple Music From Eating Up All Your Cellular Data

If you’re like us, you love Apple Music. Having access to the iTunes library of music, no matter where you’re at, is fantastic. However, if you’re on a metered data plan with your wireless carrier, you might want to make sure Apple Music won’t use your precious cellular data for downloading and streaming music.


It’s easy to stop Apple Music from using your iPhone’s cellular data connection for streaming music:

  1. Enter Settings, tap the “iTunes & App Store” menu option.
  2. Tap the switch marked “Use Cellular Data” to toggle it to OFF. (When the switch isn’t showing green, it’s toggled to OFF.)

WHEW! That was difficult, wasn’t it?

It should be noted that this limits Apple Music to streaming only over Wi-Fi connections, so you can’t stream music if you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. So, if you want music while you’re out and about, you’ll likely want to download some tunes to your iPhone before heading out into the day. This also turns off download of apps, iBooks, and updates over a cellular connection, so keep that in mind.

Also, if you have your iPhone set to automatically download any songs, (or apps for that matter), that you buy on your Mac, it won’t happen unless you’re on a Wi-Fi network. So keep that in mind.