1Password for iOS Updated: Improved Apple Watch and Touch ID Features

1Password for iOS Updated: Improved Apple Watch and Touch ID Features

AgileBits released a great update today for 1Password, (version 5.5), for iOS and Apple Watch users, as they’ve enhanced the password protection experience for Touch ID-enabled devices and the Apple Watch.

1Password for iOS Updated: Improved Apple Watch and Touch ID Features

From the 1Password 5.5 App Store page:

What’s New in Version 5.5

== Staying secure in the sun ==
The days are long, the weather is warm, and in between the barbeques, pool parties, bonfires, and toasted marshmallows we’ve also put together a great update to your favorite security app. Join us in slapping on some sunscreen while we bask in the glow of this shiny new release, just for you! Oh, and if you’re in the southern hemisphere, consider this release a ray of sunshine to warm you.

== TL;DR ==
– You can now switch between vaults with two quick taps using our new vault switcher.
– Access Touch ID after canceling it with a handy new button on the Master Password screen.
– By popular demand, Credit Card items added to Apple Watch now include PIN codes.
– The main 1Password app and extension now share unlock settings: unlock once and you’re good to go!
– We’ve added a new and improved HTTP warning system to 1Browser, our built in web browser.

== Vault Switching ==
Accessing multiple vaults in 1Password just got a whole lot simpler! Just tap the icon in the upper left corner of the Favorites, Categories, or Organize tabs and pick the vault you’d like to switch to. We suggest you use all the time you save to celebrate with a nice cool ice cream cone (have an extra scoop for us!).

== Apple Watch ==
For those of you using Apple Watch to help you reach your next cookout on time, a happy day has dawned – your credit card entries will now display PIN codes. We also improved the way Apple Watch displays text and sprayed a couple of pesky bugs trying to impede your fun in the sun.

== Touch ID ==
It can be hard to use Touch ID when your fingers are covered in sunscreen. That’ll no longer be a problem when using the 1Password app extension, which will respect the lock timeouts you’ve set in the app. If you unlock 1Password using Touch ID, the main app will remember as long as you haven’t reached your lock timeout the next time you launch it.

Additionally, if you tap “Cancel” when you’re asked to provide your fingerprint to unlock your vault, you’ll have the option of bringing the Touch ID prompt back again. We call that a win!

== HTTP Warning ==
If you try to enter your username and password on an unsecured (HTTP) site when the URL you’ve saved is for a secure (HTTPS) site, 1Password will let you know. Extra security for extra peace of mind.

We’ve also made improvements to Large Type, updated translations, and more! To view the full changelog, check out app-updates.agilebits.com.

WHEW! That is some update. Especially welcome to many users will be the Touch ID and Apple Watch improvements. I know I am looking forward to the Touch ID changes. They address most of the concerns I had with the app.

1Password for iOS Updated: Improved Apple Watch and Touch ID Features

1Password 5.5 is free for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, so there’s really no reason not to have it installed on your mobile devices. There is a $9.99 Pro Features in-app purchase that adds a number of handy features, so you probably want to check those out too. [GET IT NOW!]