Indie App of Note: iScape 2.5.2 Offers Virtual Landscaping for iOS Devices

Indie App of Note: iScape 2.5.2 Offers Virtual Landscaping for iOS Devices

If you have a yard or other outside space that you have no idea what to do with, indie developer Home Revivals has the app for you. Their just released iScape 2.5.2, the latest version of its popular virtual landscaping app for iOS devices, allows anyone to take a photo of their outdoor areas, and then design their perfect landscaping vision.

Indie App of Note: iScape 2.5.2 Offers Virtual Landscaping for iOS Devices

The app offers both amateur and professional landscapers tools to design their outdoor landscape, via the app’s texture tool and built-in graphical database of such features as ground cover, flowers, water features, pavers, stones, and more. The app also allows users to delete, flip, duplicate, and arrange layers, save the design, print it, or even share it via Facebook and email.

The app allows homeowners to design their ideal landscaping vision, and then use the finished photos to communicate the design to their landscaping professional, or use it at their local home improvement store to get exactly what they need to complete their project.

Landscaping professionals can make use of iScape to ensure they know exactly what their client has in mind before moving or planting the first flower or tree.

iScape 2.5.2 Features Include:

  • Ability to save open layered designs for future edits
  • Change the background image at anytime
  • Extended functionality to the Cutout Tool. Use it as a clone tool
  • Share the design along with a detailed layer list that is automatically generated of the plants in your design
  • Print design out and take it along to the home improvement store and pick out exactly what is needed
  • Share designs in High Resolution
  • Handles are included on the image layers, so the size and width can be adjusted individually
  • Access favorites right in the editor screen on the iPhone
  • Many UI Graphic Improvements throughout the entire app
  • Slide-over database in the iPad version. Drag and drop images right into a design without leaving the editor screen

iScape 2.5.2 is $9.99, and is available for the iPhone and iPad in the App Store. [GET IT HERE]

For more information about iScape 2.5.2, visit the iScape website.