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Indie App of Note: Stand for the Mac – Get an Hourly Reminder to Stand Up

Indie App of Note: Stand for the Mac – Get an Hourly Reminder to Stand Up

While the Apple Watch is a great tool for reminding you to lead a more active life – most notably with its hourly reminder to stand up from where you’re working on your Mac – not everyone can afford to buy the somewhat pricey device.


Luckily, there is a pay-what-you-want Mac app that does the same thing. Meet “Stand.” Stand quietly resides in your Mac’s menu bar, waiting for the time to remind you to get up and stand. (While you’re at it, walk around a bit too, every little bit helps.)

It doesn’t do anything fancy like detecting if you’re already sitting down, as there are no sensors to do that built-into your Mac. It simply reminds you to stand up at whatever time after the hour you have set. An alert pops up on your screen, accompanied by a sound, and you click it to clear it, hopefully while you’re in the act of standing up.

While Stand is a one-trick pony, it could prove to be just the pony-kick in the butt many of us need to be more active during the work day. I just downloaded it this morning, and have been reminded at 30 minutes past each hour to stand. I’ve actually stopped whatever I was doing twice and stood up. Which is two more times than I normally would have.

Sure, you could set a timer or a reminder to do the same thing, but Stand can be set to load automatically on startup, so this is a no fuss, no muss way of reminding yourself to stand for awhile.

Stand is definitely worth a look, and the price is whatever you feel it’s worth to you. (One dollar minimum, due to credit card processing fees.) While deciding what to pay, remember this is an investment own good health, plus it’s always a good idea to support independent developers. (The response to Stand’s PWYW approach to pricing is paying off for the developers.)

To purchase and download Stand, visit the Stand website. You can also follow Stand on Twitter at: @getstandapp, or follow Stand’s developers, Red Davis and Hector Simpson at: @reddavis and @dizzyup, respectively.

(Via 9to5Mac)