KGI: Zero or Negative Growth for ‘iPhone 6s’

KGI: Zero or Negative Growth for ‘iPhone 6s’

In a note to investors, KGI Securities has predicted a strong possibility that the “iPhone 6s” will show either zero or negative sales growth in Q4 2015. The investment note, (via Apple Daily) predicts that Apple will sell between 65 million and 75 million iPhones in Q4, compared to 74.5 million in the same quarter in 2014.

KGI: Zero or Negative Growth for 'iPhone 6s'

9to5Mac notes that KGI bases its less than glowing prediction on two factors. First, the weak state of the Chinese economy. Second, what is likely to be the banner feature of this year’s “s” upgrade, Force Touch, doesn’t seem likely to excite customers. Previous “s” upgrade models saw the addition of Siri, (on the 4s), and Touch ID,(on the 5s).

KGI notes that Apple recently reduced its orders for the iPhone 6s, although just by 1%, so that doesn’t amount to much in the big scheme of things. It is also possible that the strong U.S. dollar could also have a downer effect on international sales of the device.

Apple is expected to debut a new “iPhone 6,” and “iPhone 6s Plus” alongside an updated Apple TV, at an Apple event likely to be held on September 9.