Microsoft’s Outlook App for Apple Watch Adds Full Email Display, Ability to Reply

Microsoft’s Outlook App for Apple Watch Adds Full Email Display, Ability to Reply

While Microsoft’s Outlook app for iOS has supported the Apple Watch in previous versions, the features were limited to seeing a tiny bit of the text from incoming emails. The company’s new version of the app now allows users to see the full email, and even reply to messages from the Watch.

Microsoft's Outlook App for Apple Watch Adds Full Email Display, Ability to Reply

The Verge:

By default, Outlook notifications on the Apple Watch now show a lot more of the email body instead of cutting it short after a couple of sentences. While you still can’t reply instantly from a notification, you can now tap on the Outlook icon in the notification to launch a dedicated Outlook Apple Watch app that lets you see an overview of email and reply to any messages using quick replies or dictation.

An Outlook glance is also available for the Apple Watch, allowing users to get a quick look at emails and calendar appointments.

What’s New in Version 1.3.5

Do you have a watch that lets you do way more than just check the time? Then we have something in store for you! Introducing our brand new Outlook App for Apple Watch.

Here are the 3 top things you’ll now be able to do straight from your wrist:
* Get a quick glance of what’s happening in your Outlook Inbox or what’s next in your calendar just by swiping up from the Watch face. Just try it, you’ll love it.
* Need more context? Catch up with unread emails during your busy day right from the Outlook Watch App. When it’s really urgent, just reply directly from your watch with the set of replies we’ve pre-written just for you. We also have emojis and voice dictation if you’re more than kind of person.
* Never miss what’s really important to you. Get notified of important emails and take action immediately thanks to our custom notifications. Archive that. Schedule this for later. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.
You can also still check the time from your watch, if you really want to. We wouldn’t want to get in the way.
PS: Psst, don’t have an Apple Watch? Don’t worry, we have plenty of cool new features coming your way very soon.

Microsoft has a history of offering Apple Watch features in their apps, with such apps as OneNote, Skype, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Yammer and more offering support for Apple’s wearable device. For more information, visit Microsoft’s dedicated wearables site.

Microsoft Outlook is free, and is available for iOS devices and the Apple Watch, via the App Store. [GET IT NOW]