New Video Compares ‘iPhone 6s’ vs. iPhone 6 Displays

New Video Compares ‘iPhone 6s’ vs. iPhone 6 Displays

A new video, shared by Apple parts and accessories manufacturer MacManiack, compares a claimed “iPhone 6s” display to an existing iPhone 6 display.

New Video Compares 'iPhone 6s' vs. iPhone 6 Displays


The side-by-side comparison reveals that the displays are very similar overall, with identical dimensions and the same placement of the FaceTime camera and proximity sensor, but the front panels do have some notable differences.

The alleged “iPhone 6s” display boasts a new connector in the top-left corner that could support the much-rumored Force Touch feature said to be included on the upcoming new iPhone, The display also features slightly redesigned flex connectors. The Touch ID home button appears to be integrated in the LCD and digitizer connector, and MacManiack points out that the connectors are different on the parts. You can also see the protective plate on the back of the LCD is glued in place.

Apple is expected to debut a new “iPhone 6,” and “iPhone 6s Plus” alongside an updated Apple TV, at an Apple event likely to be held on September 9. Until the new handsets are officially announced, all reports are to be taken with a grain of your favorite low sodium seasoning, or salt substitute.