New Video Shows ‘iPhone 6s’ Shell With Reinforced Sides to Avoid Bending

New Video Shows ‘iPhone 6s’ Shell With Reinforced Sides to Avoid Bending

A new video from Unbox Therapy shows what is allegedly a gold rear shell for the upcoming, yet unannounced “iPhone 6s” handset. The video suggests that Apple has reinforced sections of the shell in order to avoid another over-hyped “Bendgate” hullabaloo.

New Video Shows 'iPhone 6s' Shell With Reinforced Sides to Avoid Bending


The areas around buttons and other cut-outs in the 6s shell are “significantly” thicker when compared with the iPhone 6, according to Unbox Therapy. The YouTube channel also did overall length, width, and mass measurements, finding that while the 6s part is slightly bigger than its predecessor, it manages to be 2 grams lighter.

The lightness of the shell backs a claim by KGL Securities analyst Ming-Chi Ku that Apple will be using stronger 7000 Series aluminum in the new handsets. That material is already being used in the Apple Watch Sport. The material could allow Apple to create a stronger, more bend resistant device, while allowing it to minimize any weight increase.

Almost immediately following the release of the iPhone 6 Plus last year, a few users reported that the device was bending in their pockets. Unbox Therapy released a video showing that it was possible to bend an iPhone 6 Plus using just hand pressure. This was one of the contributing factors to last year’s so-called “Bendgate controversy.”

Later videos showed other devices were also susceptible to bending, and the controversy quickly died down.

Apple is expected to debut a new “iPhone 6,” and “iPhone 6s Plus” alongside an updated Apple TV, at an Apple event likely to be held on September 9.