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Popular Mac Photo App ‘Affinity Photo’ Now Offers Free Trial

Popular Mac Photo App ‘Affinity Photo’ Now Offers Free Trial

Affinity Photo, the popular photography app for the Mac, which was released just this summer, and has already garnered a 5-star rating from customers, as well as being named Editor’s Choice in the Mac App Store, is now available as a free trial for users who have been interested in the app, but didn’t want to buy it without trying it.

Popular Mac Photo App 'Affinity Photo' Now Offers Free Trial

Publisher Serif has made a 10-day free trial version of Affinity Photo available for download from their website.

“We had an incredibly successful free public beta of Affinity Photo, which ran in the 6 months leading up to its official launch in July 2015, where lots of photographers and image editors were able to test Affinity Photo and chart its development. But we know that there are some who want to see what made it into the version we released on the Mac App Store before they commit to transitioning their workflow, which is why we have released a free 10-day trial.” said Ashley Hewson, Managing Director of Serif.

Affinity Photo offers comprehensive RAW editing, file format compatibility with most major photo apps, including PhotoShop, customizable effects, and more.

To download the 10-day free trial of Affinity Photo, visit the Affinity Photo website.

To purchase Affinity Photo, visit the Mac App Store. It is available for $49.99. [GET IT NOW]

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