Verizon Offers Program to Activate Non-Verizon iPhones on Its Network

Verizon Offers Program to Activate Non-Verizon iPhones on Its Network

Verizon has officially begun a program to allow its customers to activate┬ánon-Verizon devices, including the iPhone and Google’s Nexus 6, on its network. The devices must be unlocked prior to begin activated on the Verizon network.

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Potential customers can see if their Nexus 6 or iPhone is compatible with the program by heading to this webpage. First you must enter your device ID, such as an ESN, IMEI, or MEID, and then you will be taken to a webpage that prompts you to input your SIM ID number or to purchase a new SIM card from a Verizon store. Once you do that, Verizon will show you the plans for which your device is eligible and allow you to activate it.

The option of not having to buy a new device when switching to the Verizon network may sway customers of other carriers who may have been on the fence when thinking about switching carriers.

Earlier this month, Verizon dropped device subsidies, alongside the launch of new, simpler data plans. Customers will now purchase their devices upfront, or pay for them in monthly installments.

Customers of other carriers can check to see if their devices are eligible for a move to Verizon here.


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