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Video Shows Alleged “iPhone 6s” Parts Assembled and Booting to “Gear Screen”

Video Shows Alleged “iPhone 6s” Parts Assembled and Booting to “Gear Screen”

While a number of part leaks for the upcoming “iPhone 6s” have already been published, a new video shows a number of the parts assembled into a semi-working device.


Specifically, the new photos and videos reveal an iPhone 6s logic board and display assembly paired with a number of iPhone 6 components such as the rear shell and battery to create a device that starts up enough to be able to display a screen showing a gear icon.

As seen above, the video shows the device booting to a “gear screen” and is then opened, showing various components inside the rear shell. While a number of components are missing, such as the rear-facing camera, there are enough present to at least boot the device to the gear display.

Video Shows Alleged "iPhone 6s" Part Assembled and Booting to "Gear Screen"
Photo courtesy MacRumors.

MacRumors also received a number of photos of what isĀ purported to be the logic board for the iPhone 6s, showing such details of the device as the new Qualcomm LTE chips, the A9 processor, and more. To view the entire set of photos visit the MacRumors website.

Apple is expected to debut the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus at a September 9 media event. Also expected to make an appearance at the event is an improved Apple TV set top streaming box, boasting a faster processor, more storage, Siri control, and access to an App Store.


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