Apple Watch to be Available at John Lewis and Curry’s in the UK Sept. 18th

Apple Watch to be Available at  John Lewis and Curry’s in the UK Sept. 18th

The Apple Watch will be available in a few more places in the United Kingdom come September 18th, as it will be available at department stores John Lewis and electronics chain Curry’s. Wareable reports John Lewis will have the Watch available in 37 of its 44 stores, with four stores to be added by Christmas.

Apple Watch to be Available at John Lewis and Curry's in the UK Sept. 18th

The addition of Curry’s as an Apple Watch outlet had been reported back in August, but no official date was announced at the time. Curry’s has 295 superstores and 73 high street stores located in both the United Kingdom and Ireland.

It isn’t known which models, or accessories will be available at the stores. John Lewis merely states that it will carry a “curated selection”.

“We believe Apple Watch will be one of the most sought after gifts this Christmas,” said Will Jones, head of buying communication technology at John Lewis. We expect a couple more British retailers to follow but Apple isn’t going to rush to remove the air of exclusivity around the Watch it is still just about maintaining.

The Apple Watch is currently only available in the UK directly from Apple, in a special boutique in Selfridge’s Department Store, and at the Dover Street Market.

Apple began expanding availability of the Watch in the United States last month, starting with a 100-store pilot program with electronics retailer Best Buy. The program proved a rousing success, with Best Buy announcing a few weeks later that the Watch would be available in all 1,050 Best Buy stores by the end of September.

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