Logitech Announces CREATE Keyboard for iPad Pro

Logitech Announces CREATE Keyboard for iPad Pro

Apple won’t be the only company offering keyboards for their new 12.9-inch iPad Pro, as Logitech has already announced their own Logitech CREATE Keyboard.

Logitech Announces CREATE Keyboard for iPad Pro

Press Release:

… Logitech will bring to market the first ever third-party keyboard compatible with the iPad Pro Smart Connector, eliminating the need to power on, set up or charge the keyboard – it is always ready when you are.

Logitech says they worked closely with Apple to leverage the new iPad Pro Smart Connector, which allows the CREATE keyboard to automatically power on and pair up with the iPad Pro when placed in the typing position – no Bluetooth pairing needed.

The keyboard is powered by the iPad Pro, so users never have to worry about charging the keyboard like they do with Bluetooth keyboards. The keyboard’s layout and full-size keys makes typing easy, takes full advantage of the new iOS 9 features.

The case offers thin and lightweight protection, and it is made of a tightly-woven premium fabric which helps resist accidental bumps, scratches and spills.

The Logitech CREATE Keyboard will hit the shelves in the United States, as well as select countries in Europe and Asia the same time the iPad Pro does. Logitech hasn’t released pricing for the keyboard, but says it will make more information available on Logitech.com and their blog in the coming weeks.