Pebble Announces the Pebble Time Round Watch – Hits Shelves in November

Pebble Announces the Pebble Time Round Watch – Hits Shelves in November

While Apple’s Watch may have grabbed all the limelight recently, Pebble will not go gentle into that good night. The smartwatch maker has announced the November release of The Pebble Time Round, the first round-faced Pebble smartwatch.

Pebble Announces the Pebble Time Round Watch - Hits Shelves in November

Pebble says the PTR is the thinnest and lightest smartwatch ever made. The PTR runs Pebble’s unique timeline operating system, and sports an always-on microphone and a color e-paper display.

Pebble Announces the Pebble Time Round Watch - Hits Shelves in November

The Pebble Time Round includes an e-ink screen, but is not fully water resistant, as Pebble says only that it’s able to withstand splashes.

The Pebble Time Round will be available in three finishes, black, silver, and the suddenly popular rose gold. Buyer will have a choice of 14mm or 22mm leather or metal bands.

The PTR is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and the battery will last up to two days, and it can be recharged in 15 minutes or less.

Pebble is accepting pre-orders for the PTR via the Pebble website,,, and The PTR is priced at $249 USD. The new timepiece is scheduled to ship and hit shelves in November, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Customers who have already ordered a Pebble Time Steel will have an option to purchase a Pebble Time Round at a $50 discount. Customers can then keep both watches, or use the Pebble Time Round on a 30-day trial basis, returning either of the two watches at the end of the trial for a full refund.

Pebble has also announced a new Round SDK for Pebble developers, that will allow creation of apps for the new round-faced watch. For more information, visit the Pebble Developer website.

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