Apple Tells Developers It’s Time to Submit Apple TV Apps

Apple Tells Developers It’s Time to Submit Apple TV Apps

Apple released the Golden Master of tvOS for developers on Wednesday, and this morning is emailing developers to tell them they can now begin submitting their tvOS apps to the Apple TV App Store.

Apple Tells Developers It's Time to Submit Apple TV Apps

Orders for the fourth-generation Apple TV kickoff on Monday, with the first units being shipped later in the week. This gives Apple right at a week to review and approve tvOS apps before the first Apple TVs are delivered to customers.

Apple also published a new overview, informing developers what they need to do to make sure their apps are ready to be submitted. Apps will need to be created using Xcode 7.1 (also released yesterday), and the latest version of the tvOS SDK. Apps are allowed to be a maximum size of 200MB for the main app bundle, although the app can download up to 20GB of content as the app needs it.

Developers will also need to follow Apple’s Human Interface Guidleines for Apple TV, to ensure their apps are optimized for the big screen. All apps are required to work with the Apple TV’s new remote.

The company also shared advice on naming apps, using keywords and writing app descriptions, creating app icons, using screenshots, and more.

Apple also warned developers to have their back-ends ready to go, as the apps could be approved at any time, and parties who have their hands on a pre-release Apple TV will be able to download the apps as soon as they are approved.