Twitter Announces New Customized Polling Feature

Twitter Announces New Customized Polling Feature

Twitter announced on Wednesday that the ability to add customized polls to a tweet will soon be available to all of its users. The feature – which has been tested on a small scale – will rollout to all Twitter users over the next few days.

Twitter Announces New Customized Polling Feature
Barring a miraculous comeback, I think we all already know the answer to this poll… (Screenshots – MacRumors)


The company hopes that the new add-on will further expand its users’ interaction with their followers, by streamlining a function that would have previously taken extensive measures of reading replies and re-tweets to successfully follow.

Twitterites will be able to create a poll directly from the compose box of the Twitter site, or any of the company’s official apps. Third-party apps won’t have that ability, so if you use an app like Tweetbot, you won’t be able create, see, or vote on any polls.

Polls will remain live for 24 hours from the time the they are posted. All users voting in the polls are kept anonymous from all other involved parties. All polls are limited to two choices.

Twitter says the polls feature will rollout over the next couple of days, and you’ll know you have it when you see a circular pie graph icon in your Twitter compose box.