Echo Offers $10 ‘Lifetime’ IronWire Lightning Cable on Indiegogo

Echo Offers $10 ‘Lifetime’ IronWire Lightning Cable on Indiegogo

If there’s one thing iOS users can agree on, it’s that Apple’s Lighting cables don’t last NEARLY as long as their other products do! My ratio of cables to device life is at least 2-to-1. Our friends at Echo say they have a solution to this problem.


IronWire by Echo is the $10 Lifetime iPhone Cable Echo is offering via Indiegogo. The campaign has already reached its goal, but you should still drop by the Indiegogo site and check the IronWire out.


Our founder, Matt, recently broke his second Lightning cable in six months. When he looked around to buy a stronger cable he was shocked to see the certified ones still cost more than twice the price of a standard charging cable. Matt’s response was to create Echo’s IronWire, which he vowed to make as strong as he could, free from general wear and tear so he never had to face another broken cable again.

Echo says the braided 5-foot long tangle-proof IronWire is strong enough to pull a car with, and their video, seen above, proves it. The cable comes extra long, tangle-free and like all Echo products, is MFi certified and fully compatible with all Apple devices that use a Lightning connector. Echo even added some fancy LED lights that flash when your device is fully charged.


Campaign pledges start at $1, which gets you a heartfelt thanks, and a 15% discount code, good for the purchase of any product on the Echo website. They go all the way up to $1,000, which gets you a 100 cable distributor pack. However, the level most users will be interested in is the $10 pledge that nets you an IronWire mailed to your home.

If the IronWire interests you, be sure to visit Echo’s Indiegogo page and grab a couple of them.

  1. pdiesl says:

    I have the cable and have a love-hate relationship with it. Yes it’s Durable, my iphone has 0 connection difficulties and it’s a 5′ cable so a little extra length is a definite plus. What I hate is the charging led light. There is a purple led light on the end that connects the phone to the cable. Initially I thought this was cool. Especially when they said it flashes when the phone is fully charged. How helpful, I once thought. The problem is that when you sit your phone down at night to charge while you sleep, for most of the night your phone is fully charged. So it blinks ALL NIGHT LONG. Can be a little irritating to wake up to a flashing light, and even when you get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, a flashing light in your room is not the most soothing sight. Why not just make it glow when it’s charging then have the light turn off once it’s fully charged. Arrrrggggh

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