MetroPCS to Offer Unlimited Apple Music Streaming for $40+ Plans

MetroPCS to Offer Unlimited Apple Music Streaming for $40+ Plans

T-Mobile-owned MetroPCS will be offering its own version of its parent company’s popular Music Freedom service that allows customers to listen to Apple Music and other popular music streaming services without eating into their data plan’s data allowance.

MetroPCS to Offer Unlimited Apple Music Streaming to $40+ Plans

The new service, tagged “Music Unlimited” for MetroPCS, will be available on a number of service plans, starting from $40 per month.

Music Unlimited includes more than 30 music streaming services, including Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Slacker, iHeart Radio, and Google Play Music. Music Unlimited is available to new and existing MetroPCS customers on Metro’s new $40, $50, and $60 unlimited plans.

MetroPCS will also offer its own Binge On-type plan, called Data Maximizer. The feature compresses streaming video streams down to DVD quality, allowing customers to stream up to three times more video content for the same data hit. Data Maximizer will be available for all MetroPCS plans, while Music Unlimited is offered on single line plans form $40 per month, and family plans from $35 per line.

The prepaid carrier has also announced Mobile Hotspot will now be included on all data rate plans. Their $60 Unlimited Smartphone Data Plan data allotment will also increase from 6GB to 8GB.

The new plans will take effect on Thursday, November 19th. Details of the qualifying plans can be found here, while the full list of 33 supported streaming music services is available here.

(Via 9to5Mac)