Novel Apple TV App Helps Decide What Movie to Watch Tonight

Novel Apple TV App Helps Decide What Movie to Watch Tonight

It’s fun seeing what developers are coming up with for the new Apple TV. We’ve seen a multi-player trivia game that uses iOS devices as answer controllers, and now we have an app that also makes use of the iPhone, working with your Apple TV to help decide what movie a group of people should watch for their evening’s entertainment.


Atlantia Software has come up with a new iOS and Apple TV app, moviElect. The app allows multiple users to browse through “movie cards” on their iPhone, and then swipe up to send them to the moviElect app running on a central Apple TV. Once everyone has selected their candidate, moviElect will randomly choose a winner with the click of a button.

The iPhone app allows users to start with a list of movies from the iTunes top charts or specific genres, as well as search and add any film available on iTunes.


“As soon as the Apple TV SDK arrived, I knew I wanted to create something different,” said app developer and sole proprietor of Atlantia Software Nick Bonatsakis. “When I started thinking about problems people have while sitting in front of the TV, the one that kept coming to mind was deciding what to watch. You’re sitting there with your spouse or friends, and it just takes forever to figure it out. I just thought it would be cool to add an entertaining mechanic to the whole process and ultimately make it easier for people by allowing a computer to make the decision for them.”

The app requires a fourth-generation Apple TV, and iPhone or iPod touch, and iOS and tvOS 9.0 or later.

moviElect is free, and is available through the iOS App Store. [GET IT NOW]