Review: Munitio Pro40 Studio-Grade Over-Ear Headphones With In-Line Mic

Review: Munitio Pro40 Studio-Grade Over-Ear Headphones With In-Line Mic

I have been searching for professional level headphones that work best while traveling and for everyday use. I thought I had found the perfect pair a few years ago, but after prolonged use, they did not live up to expectations. My search ended when presented with Munitio’s Pro40 studio-grade over-ear headphones complete with an in-line mic, the right professional-grade pair.

Review: Munitio Pro40 Studio-Grade Over-Ear Headphones With In-Line Mic


The Munitio Pro40 is a full sized 40mm powerful pair of over-ear headphones that balances bass with high and mids. The hardware used to build the headphones is definitely rugged. That is great news for anyone looking for portability or use them in the studio making GRAMMY award-winning music.

The box contains:

  • Pro40 Over-Ear Headphones
  • Hard Ballistic Nylon Carry Case With Water-Proof Zipper
  • Detachable Braided Nylon Audio Cable With In-Line Mic

My hodgepodge set of earphones with non-matching ear gels and a pair of Beats by Dr Dre headphones that are beginning to come apart no longer met my needs. I knew I needed to get real with my headphone game. Receiving the Pro40 from Munitio was the perfect time to give them a go.

Review: Munitio Pro40 Studio-Grade Over-Ear Headphones With In-Line Mic

From trips around the western United States, to watching movies and streaming shows with the iPad at home, I found the Pro40 headphones to be comfortable after hours of use. Using earphones or headphones for hours in-a-row has always been the point to see if they would go the distance.

“Dramatic, vivid audio with deep bass and vast, symphonic resonance; studio-quality sound for all music genres. MUNITIO PRO40 is the headphone of choice for many Grammy-Award winning artists, musicians and producers from all over the globe. Engineered for both power and detailed accuracy, the PRO40 is ideal for studio and performance mixing and ruggedly built for daily use.”

Upgrading to a set of ultra-premium over-ear headphones from in-earphones presents many options from companies that are known and some recommended by audiophiles. Munitio’s Pro40 headphones is a great pair and I am happy for the upgrade. My last pair of over-ear headphones lasted a while, but I was looking for better all-around and full sound recreation.

Review: Munitio Pro40 Studio-Grade Over-Ear Headphones With In-Line Mic

When Drake’s Hotline Bling music video dropped, it was the perfect time to test this premium pair of headphones. I first tried my in-earphones to set a baseline for sound. Then, I played the same video with the Pro40’s set at the same volume.

The volume was set to about 40%. I could clearly hear the high-low differences and clarity from each set of tracks in Hotline Bling. Could it reproduce the bass of the song similar to my pair of in-ear earphones? The bass seamed less pronounced but that is because the Pro40’s are highly tuned.

Review: Munitio Pro40 Studio-Grade Over-Ear Headphones With In-Line Mic
Chris Rauschnot Inside Of The Palms Las Vegas Studio. Photo by Bill Cody (@VegasBiLL)

Now I know the difference between what my old pairs of headphones and in-earphones can produce against the Pro40. I have been missing what my favorite tracks were supposed to sound like after all of these years. More studio-grade sound is amazing to experience.

DJs and music producers should seriously consider purchasing a pair of the Pro40 over-ear headphones. Many GRAMMY musicians have relied on these for their award-winning careers.

Final Thoughts

The Munitio Pro40 is an excellent option for anyone who desires or needs studio-grade headphones at a price that is competitive or lower than some of the other headphones with active noise-cancelling technology.

These over-the-ear headphones work well on airplanes, jet engine noise is greatly reduced by a large margin.

What brought this pair of premium over-ear headphones to five stars was that they are still comfortable after hours of use and the line-in mic is compatible with Apple products.

Rating: 5/5[rating:5.0]

Price: $349.00 – Available at the Munitio website. It carries a one year warranty.


  • Volume Control Compatible With Apple Products
  • Strong Nylon Braided Tangle Free Line-In Mic Cable
  • Hard Ballistic Nylon Case Fits Everything Easily
  • Rugged Hardware Will Help To Make Headphones Last
  • Reinforced Water-Proof Zipper


  • The case and headphones together are heafty


Disclaimer: I received a pair of Munitio Pro40 studio-grade over-ear headphones at no cost for review. I have not received compensation for the review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.