Review: The Attache from Pad & Quill is Made to Last

Review: The Attache from Pad & Quill is Made to Last

Backpacks are great traveling companions, but when one needs a bag to impress at board meetings or while traveling to luxurious destinations, a fine attache should be the logical choice for that upgrade. Pad & Quill, maker of fine leather products for Apple gadgets, has made “The Attache.” From its American full grain leather, unbreakable hardware to parachute grade stitching, this bag should be on your short list for purchase.

Review: The Attache From Pad & Quill Is Made To Last


The Attache has multiple large pockets, fine leather and several spots that fit your Apple hardware like the iPad and MacBook Pro. Everything you need to look your stylish best while at work or traveling around town, finally fits on your shoulder.

Features of The Attache:

  • American full grain select leather
  • Unbreakable hardware
  • Hand signed by the craftsman who made it
  • Soft designated iPad pocket
  • Laptop pocket holds up to a 15 inch Macbook Pro
  • Beautiful hand-pounded copper rivets at key stress points
  • Gorgeous pleated front pockets
  • Parachute grade stitching
  • Signature orange soft suede inside of the pockets.
  • 25 year leather warranty

My time with the dark chocolate leather Pad & Quill Attache has been a nice one. I typically like backpacks for more strenuous travel schedules, but this bag was so fine, I wanted to take it everywhere. I am one of the few who still travels with a larger 15” MacBook Pro and a full sized iPad. So form and function worked well.

Review: The Attache From Pad & Quill Is Made To Last

The first thing I noticed about The Attache from Pad & Quill is their attention to stitching detail. It all comes down to how the bag’s will stand up to continual years of use. This bag appears that it can handle the long-term and look great doing it.

A bag that goes over the shoulder impressed me because it easily fits both the 15” MacBook Pro and iPad. I usually have to carry two bags, one for each larger technology gadget. Lightening the load in my travel bag is a big deal when flying on regional jets with smaller overhead bins and limited carry-on requirements.

Review: The Attache From Pad & Quill Is Made To Last

On a previous bag I reviewed, it did not provide individual pocket covers. Bags seem to tip over at the worst time, but The Attache has you covered for each front pocket and several on the interior.

Review: The Attache From Pad & Quill Is Made To Last

Hardware on cheap bags can warp or break apart over a short amount of time. I have had shoulder strap hardware on a laptop bag completely fail over a concrete sidewalk. Thankfully, I caught my MacBook Pro before it hit the ground. That is when I knew I needed a much better bag.

Review: The Attache From Pad & Quill Is Made To Last

The Attache has ultra-durable hand-pounded copper rivets and other hardware that consists of high copper content. What separates regular bags from super high quality bags like this one is the stitching and hardware.

Review: The Attache From Pad & Quill Is Made To Last

What awaits inside of the bag is as nice as what has been designed for the outside. Pad & Quill went to the automotive industry to find a soft cotton lining that is also very rugged. A zippered compartment inside fits well opposite of the iPad and larger accessory pockets. Each of those are also covered by pocket straps.

Final Thoughts

The Attache from Pad & Quill is meant for those that want a leather shoulder bag that will look great everyday and that can carry tech to get the job done. Their attention to detail wowed me and made it easy to award it a five star rating.

Its design, parachute grade stitching and unbreakable hardware all come together for a trifecta of awesome. There are no points to how this bag is built that I would have changed, they have thought of everything.

While The Attache might be slightly more expensive than some bags in its category, the quality is top notch. I like how full grain leather was utilized throughout the bag and shoulder strap. Giving the ability to look well in many situations, too. Both are ready to stand up to a busy schedule and constant use.

Rating: 5/5[rating:5.0]

Price: $465.00 – Available at the Pad & Quill website, and it carries a 25 year warranty.


  • American full grain leather
  • Unbreakable hardware
  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • Parachute grade stitching


  • The bottom could use more cushioning
  • Leather strap handle too tight and located on the back


Disclaimer: I received The Attache from Pad & Quill at no cost for review. I have not received compensation for the review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.