Square Launches Their New Apple Pay-Compatible NFC Reader

Square Launches Their New Apple Pay-Compatible NFC Reader

Lots of Apple Pay news today, as in addition to a new informative video released by Apple, and MasterCard picking up the tab for London public transit riders, comes the news that Square has announced the launch of its new Apple Pay compatible NFC reader, made especially for small businesses who were previously unable to accept Apple’s contactless payments service.



… (via USA Today). The small square-shaped reader will act like all other Apple Pay-accepting terminals, letting users wave an iPhone or Apple Watch near the device to complete a purchase.

“Until now, technology like our new reader has been out of reach for local businesses,” said Jesse Dorogusker, head of hardware at Square, told USA TODAY via email. “Now Square sellers across the country can quickly and easily accept the new forms of payment that are crossing their counter tops.”

The new reader will set business back to the tune of $49. The reader will also allow small businesses to begin accepting credit cards with security chips built-in. The reader will read those types of cards via a small slot on the side of the device.

The company initially announced they would offer Apple Pay support last November, but didn’t announce how it would work, or when it would arrive. The company announced their new NFC reader at WWDC in June of this year.

Merchants interested in purchasing the new reader can visit Square’s official website to reserve their own NFC reader.

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