tvOS 9.1 Beta Boasts Siri Support for Apple Music

tvOS 9.1 Beta Boasts Siri Support for Apple Music

The new beta of tvOS 9.1 for the Apple TV is reported to boast Siri support for Apple Music, allowing users to tell the virtual assistant to play any song or album from the streaming music service. Siri can also search for songs on the service, as well as play Beats 1 Radio and more.

tvOS 9.1 Beta Boasts Siri Support for Apple Music

Jeff Benjamin, iDownloadBlog:

This makes Siri a lot more useful on Apple TV, and means that you don’t have to look at the interface to start playing a song that you want to hear. The lack of Siri integration for Apple Music has been a popular pain point for early adopters of 4th-generation Apple TV.

It should be noted that Apple sometimes makes certain features available in beta releases of its operating systems, only to have them not be available in the actual public release. So, don’t get too excited about this feature until we actually see it when tvOS 9.1 is released to the public.

The video below demonstrates the Siri features for Apple Music:

Benjamin tried the following with Siri for music on Apple TV:

  • Search for <artist, album, or song>
  • Play Beats 1
  • Play <artist, album, song, playlist>

Benjamin reports that when instructed, Siri will immediately play music instead of searching, working much like it does on iOS.

We’re keeping out fingers crossed that this feature makes it to the public release of tvOS 9.1, how about you?