Apple Retail Stores to Offer Accessibility Accessories in Early 2016

Apple Retail Stores to Offer Accessibility Accessories in Early 2016

A report on Sunday claims Apple is planning to offer accessibility products to disabled users via its online and physical Apple Stores. The report says sales of the products would begin sometime early 2016.

Apple Retail Stores to Offer Accessibility Accessories in Early 2016


Following up on a report regarding high-resolution audio, Japanese language website Mac Otakara claims accessibility devices will start showing up in Apple Stores between January and March 2016.

It is not certain what products Apple will offer. Currently, the company’s device lineup supports a number of accessories, including “Made for iPhone” hearing aids, and braille displays.

Apple has for years offered accessibility support to users, via their OS X, iOS, watchOS, and the new tvOS device platforms. These include such features as VoiceOver, Guided Access, Dictation, and display adjustments.

“Intuitive by design, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch also come with assistive features that allow people with disabilities to experience the fun and function of iOS. With these innovative technologies built right in, iOS devices become powerful and affordable assistive devices.”

In the past, the company has spotlighted third-party accessibility apps in its App Stores, and its first-party software has long featured an emphasis on accessibility, including its FaceTime video chat software, which has been promoted as an ideal way for users communicating via American Sign Language.

The company has also been recognized for its product’s accessibility features. Most recently, in May, the American Foundation for the Blind gave Apple a Helen Keller Achievement Award for its work on VoiceOver tech.


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