Did China Mobile Just Confirm Apple’s New 4-inch iPhone?

Did China Mobile Just Confirm Apple’s New 4-inch iPhone?

Chinese wireless carrier China Mobile expects Apple to release a new 4-inch “iPhone 7c” sometime in April. That’s the indication from an event held by the carrier to discuss its plans for 2016. MyDrivers [Google Translate] reports China Mobile refers to the device as the “iPhone 7c.”


“It is reported that 4-inch screen iPhone 7C priced at about $500 (about 3200 yuan), still offers a 4-inch screen (resolution of 1136 × 640), but the screen is covered with 2.5D glass outer layer, equipped with A9 processor and 8 million pixels camera, at least there is gold, silver, black optional memory is expected to 2GB.”

The April release date would jibe with previous rumors about a possible release of a new 4-inch iPhone. However, the “iPhone 7c” designation by China Mobile is the first time it’s been called that, most reports refer to an “iPhone 6c.” (It doesn’t seem logical for Apple to call the mid-cycle device “7c” due to the “7” would not have yet been released by Spring 2016. Apple usually releases their new flagship phones in September.)

Industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts Apple will release a 4-inch iPhone in 2016. Kuo believes the A9 powering the new device will be fabricated by both TSMC and Samsung, and that the device will include NFC capabilities for use with ApplePay. a metal casing in multiple color options, and will have a camera that is identical to the iPhone 5s.

Kuo believes the 4-inch iPhone will see shipments of 20 million in its first full year, and predicts production will begin the first quarter of 2016. He predicts the new device’s price as between $400 and $500 in the U.S., or $149 to $249 cheaper than the 16GB iPhone 6s.