Indiegogo of the Week: JoostCube – The Portable Charger for Your Apple Watch

Indiegogo of the Week: JoostCube – The Portable Charger for Your Apple Watch

Traveling with an Apple Watch means having to pack another charger, along with the cable that includes the magnetic connector, and if you lose that you’re screwed, right? Not if you have a JoostCube, the compact magnetic charging cube.

From the JoostCube Indiegogo Page:

Introducing JoostCube, the FIRST, really SMALL, super CHARGER designed for the Apple Watch.  Juiced with 1500mAh, this tiny cube is capable of charging your Apple Watch up to 4-5 times.  The Charge Factory is the first to incorporate the in built magnetic connector into a power bank so it eliminates the cable nightmare the Apple Watch poses.   We wanted to bring you something new, something seriously portable to keep your devices powered up throughout the day so that you will never have another battery blackout again.

The JoostCube is only 30 x 30 x 35mm so you can throw it in your back pack or slip it into your pocket and charge your Apple Watch up to 5 times. Power up anywhere at anytime. Very handy for weekend trips, or short business trips. Plus, you can leave your regular Apple Watch charger at home, on the nightstand, where it belongs!

The JoostCube charges using the included micro-USB cable, and it can be charged while it’s charging your Apple Watch. You can also use it in Nightstand mode, so even when you’re traveling, you’ll be able to easily check the time at night.

Indiegogo of the Week: JoostCube - The Portable Charger for Your Apple Watch

Pledge levels start at $1, which gets you a hardy thank you, and levels go all the way up to $5,500, which will get you 80 JoostCubes in exclusive reseller packaging. The levels most people will go for are the $99 single cube, or the $180 Couple’s Cube setup, which is perfect for couples like my wife and I, where both members of the relationship have Apple Watches.

JoostCubes are available in any of 8 colors, including: Black, White, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, and Pink.

For more information, visit the JoostCube Indiegogo website. MacTrast is going to do our best to get our hands on a review sample, and if we do, we’ll tell you all about it. But at first glance, these look pretty sweet!

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