Public Beta of Apple Music on Sonos Now Available

Public Beta of Apple Music on Sonos Now Available

Apple Music subscribers who own Sonos wireless speakers will be glad to know the public beta of Apple Music on Sonos is now available. The beta allows Sonos speakers to be used with Apple’s streaming music service for the first time ever.

Public Beta of Apple Music on Sonos Now Available


The companion Sonos Controller app for iPhone and iPad was updated today with beta support for Apple Music, providing you with access to your streaming music library and playlists for playback in multiple rooms.

Sonos has provided instructions on how to join the Apple Music beta program:

How to join the beta program:
1. Open the Sonos app
2. Tap “Settings” then “Advanced Settings”
3. Tap “Beta Program”
4. Tap “Join the Beta Program”
5. Update your Sonos system*
6. Add Apple Music from the “Add Music Services” menu

*“Update Now” prompt may take up to 15 minutes to appear. Tap “Online Updates” in the Settings menu to update immediately.

Users can stream songs from For You, New, Radio and My Music through Sonos apps on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices, as well as Mac and Windows computers.

Sonos says they’ll be making some small adjustments throughout the beta period, so users should be prepared to see “changes and improvements.” Users can expect to see the final version of Apple Music on Sonos in early 2016.