Tumblr for iOS Gets 3D Touch and Live Photos Support

Tumblr for iOS Gets 3D Touch and Live Photos Support

In what will surely be a boon for amateur pornographers everywhere, Tumblr 5.0 for iOS has added support for Apple’s new Live Photos feature. The update adds support for sharing of the new animated photo format, as well as 3D Touch.

Tumblr for iOS Gets 3D Touch and Live Photos Support
Tumblr 5.0 for iOS gets 3D Touch Support (left), and Live Photos Support (Right). (Live Photos Indicator Circled in Yellow.)


To start sharing Live Photos to Tumblr, simply update to the latest version of the iPhone app, make sure you’re signed in and give the app permission to access your photos, then compose a new post with a photo included. From here you’ll notice Apple’s standard Live Photos icon over Live Photos in your photo library. You can share a Live Photo to Tumblr just like a standard photo.

Users browsing Tumblr will also be able to recognize Live Photos by the same icon in the top left corner. As usual, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users will be able to use 3D Touch to view the animated photos and hear audio playback. Users of older devices can tap and hold on the Live Photo icon to view the action. Live Photos is currently an iOS 9-only thing right now, so web users and users on other devices are SOL (Simply Out of Luck).

While Apple made Live Photos available to developers with iOS 9.1, and Facebook has announced their plans to include the feature in an update for their iOS app this year, Tumblr is believed to be the first major social network offering the feature to its iOS users.

The update also includes an additional 3D Touch feature for iPhone 6s/6s Plus users. Deep pressing the Tumblr Home screen icon allows users to access the app’s search function. Other new features in the update include:

What’s New in Version 5.0

  • This update has a new feature: Send-a-Post. Message a post to any Tumblr.
  • This feature has a new button: Paper plane. Toss a post with the tap of a button.
  • This button has something extra for you: Messaging. Starting today, it’s out to everyone.

Tumblr 5.0 for iOS is available free, on the App Store. [GET IT HERE]